There are so many distinct pieces to consider when it comes to putting together the perfect event. The venue, the guest list, and the entertainment all play a key role in the experience of your guests and the success of the event as a whole. This is true whether your goal is to raise money, connect with clients, celebrate a wedding, or simply enjoy an unforgettable night with friends and family.

All of these factors are crucial to consider, but of all the details that go into designing a truly incredible event, the food might be the most important. No matter what the purpose of the event might be, the quality of your catering can make or break your guests’ experience and has the power to elevate a decent evening into a fantastic one.

There are many upscale events happening every single night all over sunny Orange County, and as one of the premiere catering companies in the LA and Orange County area, we’re honored to be involved in such a thriving social scene by providing next-level catering for Orange County’s most sought-after events.

When you partner with the Copper Key, you gain access to some of the best catering Orange County and the surrounding area has to offer, and rest assured that your event will be pulled off without a hitch.

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The events scene in Orange County is a vibrant, exciting environment with several unique opportunities to explore. At the Copper Key, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our signature style and flair to each event we cater to while perfectly matching the tone and design of the event itself.

Best Catering in Orange County: About the Copper Key

Now that you understand a bit more about what we have to offer as some of the top private event, corporate, and wedding catering Orange County can provide, we’d love to share a bit more about the Copper Key and how we got started.

From the beginning, one of the Copper Key’s undertakings has been the advancement of the culinary arts. We aim to raise the bar in our industry with each event we cater. Founded and run by a Michelin-star chef and a Southern California business mogul, the Copper Key represents a perfect union of hands-on experience and industry acumen to create a truly unstoppable force in the catering industry.

We know that there is a nearly uncountable number of incredible catering companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, but we truly believe that our unique skill set and a sharp eye for innovation make us a cut above.

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