Chef Wickenhagen began as an apprentice in the elite, Michelin Star kitchen of De Hoop Op d’Swarte Walvis of Zaandam in The Netherlands. With an eye for global cuisine and a taste for travel, he joined Supperclub in Amsterdam, where he quickly rose to Executive Chef. He created menus for world-renown restaurants in Amsterdam, Rome, St. Petersburg, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, and eventually, Los Angeles, where he joined forces with his business partner, Michael Duddie.

Michael Duddie is a proven innovator and operator of food and beverage experiences in Los Angeles. His start in LA hospitality is rooted with beloved and wildly popular destinations, from Mirabelle on Sunset to Supperclub Los Angeles.

Michael and Chef Wickenhagen first met on a trip to the Netherlands in 2009, where they formed their lasting friendship. From there, they started their first catering company that led to the rise of The Copper Key.

Our job is to know precisely what you will want before you do and have it ready on a beautiful platter the moment you realize you want it. That is the art of what we do.


Guus Wickenhagen
Culinary Director & Founder

Michael Duddie
Chief Innovator & Founder

William Yim
Executive Chef

Sarah Latin-Kasper
Director of Operations

Julia Hirsch
Event Sales & Producer

Claudio Sagastume
Event Sous Chef

Tawni Baker
Event Administrator

Abigail Jensen
Event Producer

William Hurley
Equipment Manager

Elvis Steven
Packing & Logistics

The joy eating brings us can never be underestimated.
It nourishes our bodies, builds community and creates lasting memories.
So eat well and enjoy!

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