At The Copper Key Catering & Events, we’re intimately familiar with the role that food plays in the success of an event, and we make it our mission to successfully fulfill this role.


When it comes to experiential marketing services, the role of food in the visitor experience is just as important. Whether you provide food to keep your visitors energized, to ensure they remember your generosity and thoughtfulness, or to create a stunning experience that showcases high-quality food with a memorable presentation, no marketing experience is complete without quality catering services.


Experiential marketing is an effective hands-on way for brands to connect with their target audience, build their customer base, and strengthen their brand identity.

It’s more effective than traditional marketing methods like print ads, online banners, and commercials because experiences are much more memorable than visual advertisements. As a result, brands that offer powerful experiences can expect potential customers to associate positive emotions with the brand.

Additionally, by tailoring a unique experience for visitors that communicates the brand’s identity in its entirety, companies can let customers get to know their mission and vision inside and out while providing incredible value to their guests through fun, enjoyable, and memorable activities.

Experiential marketing events can be anything from a snazzy cocktail party to a brand-centered art installation to an eye-catching booth at another major event, but the key is that visitors to these experiential marketing events come away with a unique memory of the brand and the special experience it offered to them.

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